Fixes and Tweaks for Windows XP

Computing should be fun as well as productive, and whenever possible it should be both. With a little easy tweaking, you can repair or tailor your computer to suit your needs and come away with a sense of satisfaction from the endeavor itself.

Many of the customizations described in this section require at least some degree of modification to your standard settings. Before you read even one more sentence, make absolutely certain that you know How To Back Up and Restore Your Registry. We suggest a complete backup before implementing any of these tweaks.

We would like to thank all the contributors who have made this section possible, however two contributors deserve special mention. Scotterpops, who created this section and started collecting all these neat tweaks, and Steve Yandl, who developed most of the programs you'll find in this section, all of which are designed to aid you in shaping a more enjoyable, reliable and efficient computing environment -- and they are all freeware.

These tweaks deal with ways to repair many rather common problems that arise with Win9x and Win2K. It is our intent that this information be used and distributed freely as needed to help people repair problems with their computers.

These files will automate tasks that might otherwise be either impossible or simply tedious. If you are trying to solve a problem with your Windows installation, take a look in here. The solution may be a couple of easy clicks away.

We firmly believe that computing should be fun. Yes, it should be productive and all that, but why not get under the hood and make a few modifications. In addition to the satisfaction gained from modifying the look and feel of your computer, many of the tweaks in this section should make your computer easier to use.

General Information
This is a reference section of rarely used minutia and information that is critical only when you need it. However, when you do need some of this info it can drive you batty trying to find it.