Windows Vista: Activation Cracks Comparison

Not every hackers and crackers are bad guy. In fact, ethical crackers and hackers are great security experts and auditors! Without them, we won’t know that there is actually no bullet-proof security! So as Windows Vista, which is claimed as the most secured Microsoft Windows Operating system after Windows XP or Windows 2003!

For a technical reference and Vista security study, let’s take a look on each of the Windows Vista activation cracks that have been found by (ethical) crackers as of today.

In general, there are at least three well-known and widely adapted Vista activation cracks - Russian TimeStop program vs Vista KMS activation vs OEM Vista Activation vs Binbin & Aeno ACPI_SLIC crack.

1) Russian TimeStop program, TimeStop.sys, crack the Windows Vista activation mechanism by stopping the countdown timer of activation. So, the evaluate copy of Windows Vista will always consider itself having 30 days or 43200 minutes left to die off! The TimeStop.sys crack works without having one to to reset or rearm Windows Vista timer.

Technically, Microsoft will recognized Windows Vista as legit and genuine as at evaluation grace period. However, this “genuine” Vista won’t able to get Windows Update as the TimeStop will stop working, and possible hang up Vista or causing data losses.

2) Windows Vista KMS activation method mainly targeting Windows Vista Enterprise and Windows Vista Business edition. Unlike Windows XP for enterprise, enterprise PC installed with Windows Vista must activated with the Key Management Service server (KMS). So, the crackers mirror an image of KMS server to install on VMware virtual machine, together with a VBScripts, successfully activate pirated copy of Windows Vista Enterprise edition.

Windows Vista KMS activation doesn’t work for Windows Vista Home Basic, Windows Vista Home Premium, and Windows Vista Ultimate edition. In addition, these Vista PCs must all be re-activate with KMS server on every six-month basis.

3) OEM Vista activation that has been cracked by Chinese duo pseudo-named Binbin and Aeno on earlier of February, turns out as most efficient and secure Vista activation crack as of today. The duo present a technical guide of cracking SLP 2.0, detail their works of modifying BIOS of DIY-motherboard, by adding the ACPI_SLIC table and SLP related data string, proved to work perfectly.

The SLP 2.0 crack activate Windows Vista permanently as genuine Windows Vista and be able to run auto-update or Windows Update! Although, there are risks of corrupting the BIOS and “burn” the motherboard in case of end up with an unrecoverable BIOS.

However, there are many OEM BIOS emulators or One-click Vista activators have been developed on SLP 2.0 cracking guide, which can easily fool the Vista licensing module as it’s installed on a genuine OEM hardware (BIOS), and activate itself permanently.

As compare to physically modifying BIOS, OEM BIOS emulators or one-click Vista activators might pose the risks of spyware or malicious code attack!