Windows XP: How to Run / Install Programs and More as Admin on Non-admin Account

This tip explains how to run applications or installations as an admin under a non-admin account. Very useful for installs and working w/the files system as an admin.
As a computer support guy, running applications and managing files as an admin on a pc is just so much easier fixing/installing/troubleshooting problems.

Here is an easy way to do this.

1. Go to the Start Menu > All Programs > and right click on Internet Explorer.

2. Choose the "Run As..." option.

3. Select the Following User. Click the drop to Administrator and then type in the administrator password.

4. You will get your normal Internet Explorer home screen (the admin accounts that is since IE is running as the admin account).

Now just type C: in the address bar and you should get the good ole Windows Explorer. We now can navigate to program files and run any app as the admin account or install any program.

You can also Add / Remove programs as the admin, just go the C: drive and then on the left look for the Control Panel link.

Also, you can Manage the PC and change drive letter mappings if needed.