Easy Way to Embed and Customize Google Map without Using the API

Google has finally made embedding a google map as easy as embedding a youtube video. By following these steps you are just a copy and paste away from placing a google map into your web site or blog.
Nice feature, google! One of the keys to youtube's popularity has been the ease of adding youtube videos to blogs. Now, placing a google map into your blog is just as easy.

I'll be using a map from my NC triangle hiking blog as an example. I have previously not embedded maps. I would take a screenshot and link to my map. Like this example, clicking on the picture would drop one into the google map shots.

Here is how to actually embed that map instead of just linking to it.

1. Go to the map that you want to embed (my example)
2. Click Link to this page in the upper right hand corner

3. Either copy the code from the Paste HTML to embed in website section or even cooler is to click the Customize and preview embedded map link to change the size of the embedded map.

Pasting this code into your website or blog will place a fully interactive google map into an iframe into your beautiful blog.

Here is the embedded results from my example above:

View Larger Map