Flickr: Download Pictures for Printing

If you are using Flickr and have difficulties to download and print pictures from Flickr, here are the steps required to get the high resolution pictures of Flickr for printing. Email this tutorial to your family and friends, so they can print your Flickr pictures too.
My friend didn't like using Flickr because when they printed the pictures, the quality was poor. The common mistake of printing from Flickr is printing the default screen resolution images instead of the original higher resolution images.

Here are the steps needed to print high resolution photos from Flickr.

1. Goto the Flickr page that contains the photo you want to print.
2. Click the photo that you want to save/print
3. Click the All Sizes button above the photo

4. Under Available sizes click Original
5. Click the Download the Original Size link

6. Now you can save the high quality photo to your computer or you can open it from printing.

If the photos you are printing from flickr are still of poor quality, check these issues:

- The original photos uploaded may be low quality photos. May sure that the uploaded photos are not reduced in size or quality.
- The printer may be set in a low quality or draft mode.
- You may be printing on low quality paper.