Transfer Pictures from iPhone to XP

iTunes seems to be the ultimate portal for transferring information to sync information to and from the iPhone. This is true for everything except for getting photos off of your iPhone and into your computer. Here is a tutorial showing how to download the pictures onto your XP system.
I looked and looked through iTunes to figure out how to transfer pictures from my iPhone. I was looking in the wrong place.
XP will treat the iPhone like a digital camera device. Therefore, any computer program that will sync to and from digital cameras to a windows box can be used to move the pics over.

If you do not have a program that transfers pictures from digital cameras, you can use window's Scanner and Camera Wizard...

1. Click Start
2. Click All Programs
3. Select Accessories
4. Select Scanner and Camera Wizard

5. Select the iPhone out of your potential devices.

6. If you want to be able to manually copy pictures over in an explorer-like interface, click the advanced users only link. If you want to copy pictures over in a little wizard-like interface, click Next.

Using either the explorer or wizard interfaces will allow you to delete pictures as well. Using this method is obviously a lot quicker than deleting the pictures manually on the iPhone itself.