Google: Search Badongo for Free Music, Videos, eBooks and Archives

Badongo is a file hosting service that offers free and premium storage space. People use the space for uploading music, videos, archives, images, and ebooks. By using Google, you can easily search through Badongo's large number of files to find many free treasures.

To look for music files, use this:
Google: mp3|wma|ogg

For a specific artist, include the artist's name:
Google: mp3|wma|ogg gorillaz

For a specific song, include the song name:
Google: mp3|wma|ogg "clint eastwood"

For video files, use this:
Google: asf|rm|avi|mp4|wmv|flv

For eBooks, use:
Google: pdf|lit|doc

For archives, use:
Google: rar|zip|exe