Mobile Phones : How to Make Good MP3 Ringers w/Nero Wave Editor (nero 6)

This is a quickie guide on how to make good mp3 ringers / ringtones using Nero Wave Editor (included in Nero 6). Included in this guide is video guide using Camstudio (freeware) showing how to do this in nero wave editor.

This recipe requires Nero 6 to be installed. Nero Wave Editor is part of the Nero 6 Ultimate Edition suite.

1. Open Nero Wave Editor.
2. Open the song you want to edit, in my example, my pals band Smakdab's A Perfect Time.
3. Find a good chorus or riff, i tend to use the chorus lines for most ringers and then trim the song by selecting the area to delete and then going to Edit > Delete or CTRL+DEL
4. Keep doing this until you get a good start and end; also try to keep songs below 30 secs to save on space and also since most phones don't ring past that time or loop the ringer after 20 secs or so.
5. Adding a fade in and out to the song to make it sound better smoother.
6. Save your file via File > Save As. I usually will make most ringers mono since its just a ringer but in my example i made it a lower rate 96kbps, 32khz, stereo mp3. the file size of the 23 sec clip = 278KB. Keep in mind that most internal memory storage on cell phones really dont' get above 48mb without including other files/videos.

Try to store you ringers on a memory card if you can. Your phone will run better w/more free space on it and you can put unlimited number of ringers on the card.

Here is full guide in video using camstudio and youtube.