How to Adjust All Your MP3s to Similar Volume Levels

Picture this - You’re listening to soft, soothing music… which then gets turned into ear piercing tune the moment the song changes!

The freeware solution:

Rather than constantly scrambling for the volume button, you can try out ‘Mp3Gain’. This lovely piece of freeware adjusts songs in your MP3 collection to have similar sound levels so your listening experience is a more pleasant one. With this, one track just flows smoothly to another.

Cool features:

Of course, there will be cases where you don’t want all the volumes of songs to be similar, and for that, ‘MP3Gain’ has something called ‘Album mode’.

With ‘Album mode’, you want some songs to be noticeably quieter than other songs, just like they are on an album. If you’re playing a classical CD, you expect the track with the flute solo to be quieter than the track with the big full-orchestra finale. Applying ‘Album’ gain is like adjusting the volume knob once for each CD you put in your CD player.

Also, the program stores analysis and undo information inside each file’s metadata, so reversing the process or make additional changes later on would be possible.

Final words:

Before you download MP3Gain, just a note that iTunes already supports this function with their ‘Sound Check’ feature. However, in case you are not using an iPod or iTunes, or if you want to make the changes more permanent (iTunes doesn’t write into the actual file’s metadata), then MP3Gain is perfect for you.

What other tools do you use to manage MP3s? Tell us in the comments!