How to Backup Browser Profile (Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, and Opera)

No matter which browser you’ve picked for everyday use - chances are you’ve customized your browser to make it your own. Here are 5 free tools which will let you backup and preserve your browser profile, so all the tweaking you’ve done is safe.

1. Google Chrome

Google’s shiny new browser doesn’t come with extensions yet - but ‘Google Chrome Backup’ will help you save all your bookmarks and settings. Not only that, you can easily create multiple user profiles (each with different settings/bookmarks) and switch between them quickly.

2. Firefox & Flock

Mozbackup is a cross Mozilla backup utility which allows you to backup and restore bookmarks, mail, contacts, history, extensions, cache etc. It works for Firefox, Flock, and any of the other Mozilla based browsers eg. the Sea Monkey browser.

3. Safari

(Mac Only) Apple provides an uncharacteristically round-about way of backing up your bookmarks on its support portal, but if you’re interested in getting a tool which would help automate the process, try out ‘Safari Backup And Restore’

4. Internet Explorer

BackRex Internet Explorer Backup is a backup and restore tool for Internet Explorer. It allows you to backup favorites, history, proxy settings, fonts, autocomplete passwords and cookies. Not only that - it supports backups across different versions of IE eg. IE 6 to IE7 and vice versa.

5. Opera

The good folks at Opera were the only browser group to actually release a proper official backup utility for their browser, and as a result - it’s a top class product called OperaFly. Aside from handling the basic backups, it also has the ability to backup and restore to/from an FTP server, send backups via email, and to restore backups from a http site. It also allows for pre-scheduled backups and automatic backups when the browser is closed.