How to Turn Your Phone into a WiFi HotSpot

If you’ve got a 3G enabled S60 Symbian phone (Nokia N-series & E-Series, Samsung i550 & G810) - It’s now possible to instantly transform it into a WiFi hotspot so you can hook up other devices to ride on your mobile 3G connection.

JoikuSpot Light is an awesome piece of freeware which allows you to do just that. Simple to set up, and easy to use - It also comes with some great features like:

  • Encryption support - WEP including 128bit key generator for your security
  • Battery threshold - shuts down program when battery level is too low
  • Multiple connections - so you can share your bandwidth with others

A premium edition is also available if you need added features. While JoikuSpot Light supports HTTP and HTTPS protocols, JoikuSpot Premium supports ALL protocols allowing user to use Outlook, YouTube, Web radios, FTP, VPNs, Skype and other programs requiring specific protocols.

Anyhow, you can do a lot more than hook up laptops to your phone’s 3G connection…

What I did for myself was to wirelessly hook up my iPod touch to my phone, so I’ve now got a device which gives me the Internet experience of an iPhone 3G… at 1/3 the price :)