Add shortcut to 'Safely Remove Hardware' Dialog to Right Click Menu [Vista]

This will explain how to easily add a "Eject Drive" or "Safely Remove Hardware" menu option to your right-click menu in Vista.
Very handy if you work with USB Drives a lot on a daily basis since this will let you just right-click on your desktop (instead of finding the icon in your taskbar) and then be able to open the "Safely Remove Hardware" screen to eject the drive properly (and yes, i have corrupted a few USB drives by not safely removing them).

This recipe will require a User account w/admin rights.

DISCLAIMER! BACKUP Your registry prior to making any registry changes! Registry changes can be fatal to your operating system if you do not know what your doing. You’ve been warned :)

1. Open up Registry Editor by hold the Win Key + R to bring up the Run window and then type: regedit

2. This will open the Registry Editor program, browse to this location by expanding the folders in regedit:

3. Right-click on the shell