Using Google Talk to Update Your Plurk Account

I am a fan of Gmail chat (Gmail version of Google Talk), so much so that I am trying to find more diverse ways of using it, apart from emailing and chatting to people. But some forward-thinking companies have gone a step further and have started to offer Google Talk as a way of updating their online services like Plurk. I have become quite a fan of doing this.

This may be the lazy side of me talking to you but why go to the websites in question when you can just open up Gmail chat or Google Talk (stand alone version) on your desktop and send the website a chat message? Much quicker and much more convenient - if you don’t mind granting Google Talk access to your various accounts.

To allow Google Talk to updating your Plurk account is very easy.

1. Login to your Google Talk or Gmail account. Be sure to enable chat when using Gmail.
2. Invite to chat this email address:

Now a new name, bot, appear in your contact. You're ready to go. Try updating Plurk by sending a message to bot.