Remove Background from Inserted Images to Better Match Your Document [Word 2010]

Quite often, an image you’ve chosen to include in your document has a background that just doesn’t look right. Word 2010 allows you to remove the background without having to use a third party graphics application.

1. Open Word.

2. Go to the Ribbon and click on the Insert tab.

3. Go to the Illustrations section and select Picture.

4. Browse to the desired image file and select it.

5. The image will be inserted into your Word document.

6. Select the image and the Picture Tools tab will appear in the Ribbon.

7. Go to the Background Removal section and select Background Removal.

8. Resize the box that surrounds your image to highlight the maximum height and width of the area that you want to be included.

9. Go to the Background Removal tab and use the Mark to Include and Mark to Remove buttons and select the areas that you wish to show/hide.

10. When you have selected all desired parts of the image, press Return on your keyboard.

The altered image will now show on your document, sans background.