How to Block a Sender from Your Inbox [Gmail]

Do you receive countless “bad” emails from someone that got your address? Maybe you gave your address to them and now regret it, or maybe they got it via some other method. While Gmail has no block functionality, you can keep these troublesome emails from appearing in your inbox by following these steps.

1. Go to Gmail and login to your account.

2. Go to an email from the sender you wish to block, and open it.

3. Go to the top of the email and use the More actions dropdown to select Filter messages like these.

4. The sender’s email address will appear in the From textbook of the Create a Filter form. (If you wish to block all email from the sender’s domain then use instead of the sender’s email address where is the domain of the sender’s address.)

5. Click the Next Step button.

6. Check the Delete it checkbox.

7. If you wish to apply the new filter to clean out existing messages from this user, check the Also apply filter to # conversations below checkbox. If not, leave it unchecked.

8. Click the Create Filter button.

Your inbox will never have to deal with any messages from this sender again.