How to Reboot or Reset Your BlackBerry

"How do I reboot or reset my BlackBerry?" is one of the first questions that new BlackBerry owners ask. This tutorial documents how to do both the soft and hard resets.

If your Torch locks up, the first thing always to do is to reboot or reset the phone.
Soft Reset / Reboot:
Press and Hold the alt key, right shift/caps lock key, and del key. Pay attention that it is the shift key on the right. Hold the key combo until the LED light turns red and the screen locks. The reboot process will begin.
hold alt, right shift, del to soft reset the Torch
Hard Reset / Reboot:
If the phone is locked so hard that the soft reset does not work, a hard reset is your only option. Open the phone back and remove the battery. Wait a few seconds for the phone to completely go dark and reinsert the battery.