Whatsapp Group Tricks, Chat Secrets

Whatsapp is one of leading chat application most of us are using on our iOS, Android or other mobile phones. Whatsapp groups are also equally popular to get connected with many friends in one group. There are many secrets in each whatsapp group and if you are not still aware, let me go through best whatsapp group tricks and few chat secrets.

Whatsapp Group Chat Last Seen
Very first Whatsapp group chat trick is to get last seen. Yes, now it’s possible to see who has seen your chat message in whatsapp group. You will get information with name and timestamp of all group members who has seen your chat message and thus you can have whatsapp group chat last seen info in single click.
  1. Long tap on whatsapp group message you sent to the group.
  2. You will get options with “Info”, tap on that and you will get list of people who has seen your chat message to whatsapp group. You also will get list of people who has received your whatsapp group message but not yet read.

whatsapp group chat last seen
Whatsapp Transfer Group Admin
When we are talking about Whatsapp group tricks, this is a must know trick for all Whatsapp group members as well as whatsapp group admins. There could be lots of reason when a situation arise to transfer whatsapp group admin or owner. One of the most common reason is when current group admin is not much active or connected and not able to moderate the group activities. Let’s know step by step, how easily you can change whatsapp group admin.

Below has to be followed by current Whatsapp group admin.

  1. Decide who will new admin of your whatsapp group
  2. Make a note of all group members (along with their whatsapp numbers) and hand it over to new group admin
  3. Remove all existing group members one by one except the person who will be new group admin.
  4. When there are only 2 members left in group; one is yourself and second is new group admin; remove yourself from group by “Delete & Exit group”
  5. Now new admin will be assigned, let him add all members back to the group
So, isn’t it quite easy to transfer whatsapp group admin!

Permanently Delete Whatsapp Group
Well, If you are an admin and you never know when there is a need of deleting existing whatsapp group. Ideally when you are admin and you “Delete and Exit” whatsapp group, whatsapp will simply remove you from your whatsapp group and assign a new admin for the group. So actually your whatsapp group has not been deleted.

Let’s see how easily you can delete whatsapp group.

  1. Tap on Whatsapp group info for which you are admin and you wants to delete that group.
  2. One by one remove all members from the group
  3. When all members are removed, tap on “Delete and Exit Group”
  4. Hurray… your whatsapp group is deleted

Delete media from Whatsapp group
Most of the whatsapp group are doing spam messages. One of the media (Video, images or voice clips) are being forwarded from one group to other groups and hence our mobile free storage is going down.

Let’s keep a routine to clear medias from whatsapp groups on timely basis (if those medias are not important at all).

  1. You either can Tap on photo, video and delete them
  2. You can goto Group Info section and tap on “Clear Conversation” to delete all photos, videos, sounds in one go

For Android users, you may need to goto file storage and delete photos stored locally.

Delete a sent message on Whatsapp
Well, sometime you might send a message, photo, video wrongly to any whatsapp group and as soon as you realize your mistake you might need to delete them. Unfortunately, this is what something not possible because when you send any message, it already went to whatsapp server and few of the online contacts might get delivery immediately within fraction of seconds and there is no provision to recall the sent message.

So, these were few of the latest Whatsapp group tricks which might help you to go better with your whatsapp group experiences. I knew that you already know how to Mute a whatsapp group, how to exit a whatsapp group etc. and that’s why I have not included those basic usage and tricks in this article. (techtiptricks)

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